The ACN Story


The ACN was setup in Sydney in 2011 as a non-profit grassroots organisation committed to supporting people impacted by autism.  Our mission is to help people on the spectrum and their families lead full, rich and rewarding lives.


We connect: Through a growing network of dedicated volunteers we run programmes designed to connect our community to each other and the wider world.  From walking groups for carers to Laser Tag clubs for kids and dinners for autistic adults. Our core mission is to bring people together and end the isolation that so many families experience.  We are unique in our focus offering face-to-face support groups, helping people connect with others on the same journey.

We inform: We use our network to share knowledge and awareness of autism.  We exchange resources and promote activities that help our community lead their best possible lives.  We encourage our members to share their stories, both of challenge and triumph, and seek feedback from their peers.  This collective wisdom is invaluable to our members and it’s a key part of our mission to make the wider world more inclusive of people on the spectrum 

We advocate: People with autism typically have greater difficulty accessing basic systems and services.  Our families often report difficulties navigating the educational system, NDIS funding, healthcare supports, employment and community events.  We are increasingly reaching out to organisations to advocate for our members.  This ranges from speaking at teachers’ conferences, to sitting on health advisory panels, to writing social stories for public venues.  Our goal is to make it easier to understand and include the autism community.


All of our programmes – from connecting people to informing and advocating for our community – are designed with one central goal: to support people with autism and their families. Whether directly, through social clubs or information sessions, or indirectly, through our work with educators, first responders, legislators and corporate partners, our goal is to help our members lead their best possible lives. 


ACN differs from other organisations because it is volunteer-based, it focuses on direct support to individuals, and aims to extend that support to the whole family.