Autistic Voices

It’s nice to be heard, but it’s better when we speak for ourselves. This is a space to share our experiences, hopes and dreams with each other without fear of judgment.

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Like-minded relationships have given George the confidence he needs to be himself.

Where Liam once kept to himself, he now enjoys friendships with peers.

Riley loves that her quirkiness is no longer ‘strange’ but rather accepted and sometimes copied!

Suzanna created a lively podcast series called “Always Angelic Aspie Alice”.

Luke is a keen photographer and has an active youtube channel and instagram account.

Dr. Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin is arguably the world’s most well-known autism advocate.
She is a scientist, author and public speaker.  Her life has been profiled in an award-nominated film, and she was named on Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World list in 2010.

Ido Kedar

Ido is an author, blogger and autism advocate.  His work is helping to challenge negative stereotypes of autism, especially non-speaking autistic people. Ido has been interviewed many times on TV and radio, which you can find at his websiteHere’s Ido’s presentation to the UN on World Autism Day, 2019.