Coming from a Lebanese background I found it very hard to meet people in my community who were able to help or guide me when my son, Rodwin, was diagnosed with autism at 4.5 years of age.  I struggled finding people who understood what it was like to walk in my shoes.

After attending a conference, I met Steve, the founder of ACN, and things began to really make sense.  I was able to join a network that was run by people who understood me and never judged me or my son.  I met so many people walking a similar path who have since become close friends.  It was wonderful to finally be part of something. 

I decided to become an ACN volunteer so that I could introduce social activities for Rodwin to help connect him to the wider community and make some friends.  Through ACN cooking clubs, bowling, and school holiday outings, Rodwin has been able to meet other kids like himself, form friendships and know that he is not alone. 

I’ve been lucky to have met so many great people through the ACN that have helped me and my family.  I’m proud to be able to give back to the autism community through my volunteer work.  With hard work and dedication, we can all achieve so much. – Belinda

About Belinda

Belinda is an ACN powerhouse!  She runs a variety of clubs for autistic children and their carers, and provides vital support in our daily operations.  Her enormous commitment and service has been recognised with a Westfield Local Hero award.  The autism community would be lost without her!