Our Impact

Information is power, but not everyone benefits equally from it. Access to curated and parent-tested information can do so much for families trying to navigate the adversarial world of government services, educational systems and disability supports.

This is where ACN strives to make a difference: through its peer support groups for carers, activity groups for kids and social groups for autistic adults. These activities help families tackle the challenges posed by transitioning to complex social environments and break down the scourge of self-imposed isolation.

A case in point: a 2022 study by Western Sydney University found that a neurotypical person spends over 18.3 hours per week interacting with individuals outside of their immediate circle of family and friends. For an autistic adult, that is a meagre 2.7 hours per week.

ACN aims to improve educational outcomes: Autistic people are less likely than others to complete an educational qualification beyond school. Among autistic individuals, 8.1% had a bachelor degree or higher, compared with 31.2% of the adult population. (ABS 2018)

ACN aims to improve employment outcomes: Autistic people are less likely than others to effectively join the labour force.  Labour force participation rate was 38.0% among working age autistic adults, compared with 53.4% of all working age people with disability and 84.1% of people without disability. (ABS 2018)

That is why we aim to welcome all families to join us and be part of an inclusive and empowered community. For more on what we do, check out our Media Gallery.

“The ACN saved me.  I felt very much alone.  Meeting up with other members in the autism community network made me realise I could do it and I wasn’t on my own.”

Annette, ACN member

“I cannot have asked for a better way for my son to come to know he was autistic.  Learning he was different whilst surrounded by people who were just like him removed the isolation autistic children often feel.  Not only that, [my son] knows he is part of a positive, thriving community in which he is celebrated and valued.”

Kylie, ACN member 

“I’ve been lucky to have met so many great people through the ACN that have helped me and my family.  I’m proud to be able to give back to the autism community through my volunteer work.  With hard work and dedication, we can all achieve so much.”

Belinda, ACN member

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