Participant’s Code of Conduct


The Autism Community Network (ACN) has developed its Social Groups to empower autistic individuals and their families by providing a welcoming community activity.  ACN encourages a safe and supportive environment in which all participants can build relationships and create connections with their peers.

To ensure this, ACN requires everyone attending our events to follow our participant’s code of conduct.  You are expected to follow these rules as an individual and as a group associated with ACN.

It is expected that all attendees will:

✅ Be polite
✅ Be respectful
✅ Act in a way that does not offend others
✅ Participate in creating and maintaining a safe environment for everyone
✅ If you need support, talk to your parent/carer or the ACN facilitator
✅ Talk to everyone in a calm manner

It is expected that attendees will not:

❌ Use rude language
❌ Threaten or use actual violence
❌ Inappropriate behaviours that is unsafe for yourself and those around you
❌ Bully or harass whether verbal, physical or visual
❌ Be unfair to any person associated with the venue and attendees
❌ Possess or use illegal drugs or weapons

Breaching the Code of Conduct

If you have been found to breach the Code of Conduct, you may be:
● Asked to leave the event
● Suspended from future ACN events
● Reported externally

Resolving Issues or Concerns

ACN strongly encourages anyone who believes that any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying has occurred to contact us via email at [email protected]  

Anyone who has any concerns about the wellbeing or health and safety of themselves, a person in their care or another attendee should also make immediate contact.

If you do not feel safe or confident to take action, you may seek assistance from the facilitator or parent/carer for support.