Member Registration

Membership of the Autism Community Network (ACN) is free and available to people with an autism diagnosis (or those in the process of obtaining a diagnosis), their parents/caregivers and siblings. Anyone working in the field, providing a mainstream service or with a general interest in autism may click here to be redirected to the Supporters Registration page.

Person with autism

Please provide details of the person/people with autism who are registering to become members.

If you have more than one person then please Email us
By requesting membership to the Autism Community Network, you are confirming: You have an autism diagnosis or are a partner, parent or carer of someone formally diagnosed with autism. Or, You are in the process of obtaining a formal diagnosis for yourself or a family member. You agree to interact with any other persons involved with this organisation in a courteous and respectful manner at all times. You agree to embody ACN principles of Support, Awareness and Inclusion whilst at ACN events. A key mission of the ACN is to build a community of support by reducing isolation and creating social and capacity-building opportunities for families impacted by autism. Membership means conducting oneself in ways that support these principles and this mission. You agree to be photographed at ACN events which may then be shared online or used in ACN material, unless you express in writing your wish not to be photographed.You can do this by contacting us at You understand that failure to comply with ACN principles, mission and Codes of Conduct may mean your membership is withdrawn.
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